Saturday, September 29, 2007


So awhile back a friend of mine "tagged" me which meant that I had to come up with 8 random facts/habits about myself and share them on a blog. So I guess I will try and do that --- could be fun. And maybe a great way to start off this blog. A way to get to know me...that is if you dont know me already. :)

These apparently, are the rules:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3 People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about eight things) and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog entry you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.

I will not do number 4 but if you are reading this and would like to do this go right on ahead.

8 facts about me...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

1. Babies are my hobby? Is that a random, people dont know, fact? I guess technically the rules do not state that these have to be facts people dont know. :) My beautiful niece said this to me and Mike (my amazing fiance) once. Before that I had not thought about it but she is right, babies are my hobby! I just love 'em and want to "eat 'em up". :)

2. I have lived in 7 states (NC, GA, KS, WA, AK, NM, CA); moved 13 times (not counting moving within the same state, which adds about 1-5 more moves depending on if you want to count moving within the same city); and attended 9 schools from K-12th including attending 3 schools for 9-12 grade. This could be 3 separate facts however to me they are all the same fact: I have moved around a lot in my life.

3. I am and am proud to be, an Army Brat! I am a Brat in every sense of the word. I cant let moss grow on my feet- they start to itch after being in one place too long; I need change -hate it but need it; I support our troops no matter what their mission- They are doing their job!; I get nervous every time there is a "Special Report" that interrupts whatever I am watching; I have issues; I have a strong sense of responsibility; I am alway looking for "home"; and I firmly believe that "Home is where your family is" or "Where the Army sends you" and hopefully they are the same place. Thank God, the Goddess, Buddha, the universe, or whoever/whatever else you believe in, that I fell in love with a nonmilitary man who accepts me for my issues and loves this Army Brat for who she is!!!! Oh my! that is a bit much isnt it! :)

4. I think the best age for children is 2 years. I love 2 year olds! They are the best age with which to work!

5. I think the Canadians have it right on in terms of their condiment stations in coffee shops. They serve cream and whole milk along with raw sugar. There is no low fat milk! There is nothing better than a great black tea with cream!!

6. I am NOT a morning person!!!! I hate the mornings! Having to get up out of your nice warm bed! Augh! Nothing worse.! So needless to say I am generally not the nicest person to be with in the morning. Ask my siblings! :) I have gotten better though! Ask Mike :)

Now is the time I wish that I had made number 2 into 3 separate facts! :)

7. I quilt. I love quilting and wish that I made more time to do it.

8. I think that cats of all sizes and domestication are the most amazing and brilliant creatures on the planet.

So there you have it. 8 facts about me. Whose turn is it now?

~~~Suz, Zan, Zanny, Suzanne...

To blog or not to blog

That has been the question. I made this "Adventures" blog when my awesome cousin Aimee set up a blog for our family. What a great idea! It has been a wonderful way for us all to keep in touch with the happenings of our far reaching family. I have been reading some friends' blogs and thought it may be fun to have my own that family and friends can read. So here I am trying my hand at blogging.
Much love,
~~~Suzanne, Suz, Zan, Zanny