Thursday, November 22, 2007


Today I spend my second Thanksgiving without any family...well mostly. I will be spending it with Mike. :) We are going to Denver to spend the day with our friends Michelle and Ben and a couple friends of theirs. The day is to consist of games, movies, food and more food! Mike and I will be taking his Aunt Nancy's Kahlua yams (super yum!), my Grandma Sprenkle's cranberry salad (yumyum!), cranberry sauce from the back of the cranberries (?), and a Fine Cooking vegetarian dressing (?, great cooking magazine if any one is interested). Everything was prepped ahead of time so this morning we made breakfast burritos and are relaxing. We will do a bit more to the dressing and then go for a chilly walk before heading up to Denver.

I suppose I should write what I am thankful for since it is the day for such things. :) I am eternally thankful for my lovely family and friends! It is because of all of you that I am able to have such grand adventures! Thank you all for your support! I means more than I can say! I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy! Enjoy your day! My love to all!
~~~Suz, Zan, Zanny, Suzanne...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What a Trip!

On November 9th Mike and I left Pasadena a 6:45am with about a dozen fish in breathable bags placed in a cooler and our wonderful kitties in a kennel in the back set of the car! "Let the adventures begin", I thought as we left our driveway for the last time. I did not forget to thank the house for all the adventures it allowed us over the last two years. If it were not so early and had we not been up even earlier to prepare the fish for transport I would have been teary but as it was I was just tired! The cats were wonderful. Barely a peep out of them. We stopped from time to time to let them out of the kennel to eat, drink and use the restroom. Mike and I faired pretty well. Not as well as the kitties I am afraid. The stress leading up to the day, the changes, the anticipation--all of it was a bit too overwhelming and surfaced during the very long drive. We had mapped out a hotel in which to stay if we felt we needed it in Grand Junction, CO. We hit there in the evening feeling really good so we decided to push all the way through to our new home. The kitties began to complain and whine about 30minutes before we arrive at home. Who could blame them. It had been a loooong trip and we were all a bit whiny! We made it, all of us, in one piece. We arrived at 1:10am (just as Mike had predicted) after 18 hours of travel.

Mike started his new job Monday the 12th! And survived his first week with flying colors! We celebrated at a "Mexican" restaurant that specializes in green and red chili from Northern New Mexico! Pretty good stuff! Best "Mexican" food I have had outside of New Mexico! I am so impressed and proud of him. He deserves a vacation. Hopefully we can give him one soon! During that first week I was offered and accepted a position as an outpatient therapist at the Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs. I am excited about the position. There is a lot of opportunity for growth, eduction and advancement. I will start with children the first of the year.

Now our adventures are with organizing our house. Slowly but surely that is happening. We got snow today so I will be adventuring out for a walk later. I am thankful that we made it here safely and that things have been going smoothly!