Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring? Winter? Confusion.

Oh wait! It is March 28th and I now live pretty darn close to southwest Kansas. There is an old (Hate to use that word as we are not old) family saying that there is always a blizzard on Aimee's birthday (for those of you who dont know ~~ She is a fabulous cousin).

Last weekend Mike and I planted these in 70 degrees in preparation for our herb garden.

At the beginning of the week I took this picture.

and this picture.

This was yesterday afternoon.

And this is today.

I shoveled all by myself and oh goodness ~~~that driveway is long!! There was about 7-8 inches on the drive but the backyard has more like 3-4. The wind appeared to blow harder back there! Reports around town are upwards of 12 inches. In this town it all depends on where you live!

You gotta LOVE Spring!
Love to you all! Be HAPPY!