Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Adventures!

It is official. Mike and I will soon have a new base for all our adventures. We shall be moving to Colorado Springs by mid November! Closer to home, closer to mountains, closer to an area we adore and let's not forget friends.---October 3, 2007

November3, 2007
Mike and I will be leaving Southern California on Friday November 9th. We are driving my car with the cats and fish too our new home. What an adventure that may be! Wednesday the movers will come and pack up our belongings and Thursday they will load it and move it out.

I am excited! I believe that this is the most calm I have ever been before a move. I know in every part of me that this is the right thing for us. There is much to do in the next few days. I have made my lists and I have mostly remembered to breathe. Thanks mom for reminding me. :)

I need to go but will post this before I am done typing. If I save it as a draft it might sit there for another month! :) I send you all my love! I will be in touch with my new contact information soon.

~~~Zan, Zanny, Zanner, Suz...