Monday, April 27, 2009


This state is sooo weird! I love it! This last week it was in the 70s, close to 80. One day may have gotten to 80 I dont remember. Anyway, last night as Mike and I were closing the house up to go to bed Mike pulled me to the window to show me how much it was raining. As we were standing there I noticed that the raindrops appeared white in the street lights. Not believing me we moved to the back of the house, opened up the sliding glass door leading to the deck to take a better look! Sure enough there were huge wet flakes falling from the sky! I attempted (it did not work out too well as you can see) to capture them.

In the beginning:

About 5-10 minutes later:

This morning #1:

This morning #2:

We awoke this morning to about an inch on the ground. As I am typing this it has decided to go from drizzle to full out snowing. And yet it is suppose to be 54 degrees today, warming up to 76 by Thursday! Crazy and so much fun!

A friend from work said the other day that it is easier to deal with Spring snows here than in Minnesota because you know that tomorrow will be sunny, warm, and green where as in Minnesota it stays grey, cold and white (or I would imagine brown like any place that experiences breakup). Not that I wouldn't but I am going to enjoy another day of snow!

I hope that you all enjoy your Monday! Be happy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been sucked in by technology and LOVE the blogging community. I am not a huge fan of writing on my blog as evidenced by the number of posts. I didnt do well with writing in a journal either. But I do enjoy reading about other people's adventures; the lives the lead; the creativity they share. Oh my!, the creativity that is out there in the world! And it is amazing that people are so willing to share. The creativity that is shared, inspired, and accepted is incredible!

I given myself a challenge of the next week. I will introduce myself to all those whose blogs I have been silently reading during the next week or so. I am thankful to them all for sharing their lives and creativity! I have been inspired! It feels awkward for me to comment on a blog of someone I dont know but that seems soo silly! So I will do it!

I started with two of them today!
where I posted about my favorite book for the Spring Children's Book Parade. There are quite a few fabulous books listed already! I had to share my most favorite book of all time. For those of you who dont know it is Everyone Know What a Dragon Looks Like by Jay Williams and illustrated by Mercer Mayer! Incredible illustrations and awesome story! The sad part is that it is out of print and to get a copy will cost quite a bit.

I have also introduced myself (awhile back) to Leanne on her Blog and to this blog where they are always sharing crafty fabric ideas and they have fabulous giveaways! One day I will win. Course it is like the lottery. You have to enter to win and to do that you must comment. :) Why is that so hard for me?

Well, this is a bit about what I am up to. Another challenge I will pursue at some point is blogging about my creative projects. Thanks for reading!

Be happy!

Pay It Forward

Hi all! I have joined a very cool and exciting exchange. I have committed to Pay it Forward (PIF).

I took this quote from Sandi about the exchange as her wording was much better than my attempt after a poor night sleep and very little tea. I hope that she doesn't mind. " The concept of a PIF occurs when acts of kindness are performed without expecting anything in return and are passed on, trusting that the recipients will do the same and Pay It Forward, resulting in a never ending chain of kindness."

I first heard about his exchange at Leanne's blog.
She lives in Northern Ireland and has this shop with absolutely great items:
I really love the chick blocks and the leaf tote and the...!

What I will be doing it making and sending one gift to the first 3 friends who post a comment to this post some random time during the next year. It will be a great snail mail surprise! You also must join the fun promising to Pay It Forward to 3 others.

If you would like to join leave a comment. Let's have some creative and joy bringing fun!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! The week is almost over and there will be time to play! :)


PS Did I do the link right? No time to check! MUST go to work NOW! Augh! ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snow Bunnies!

Happy Easter! We hope that your Easter was as fun as ours!

Mike was up early and watched the circle of life play out in the neighbor's backyard. A bird eating his breakfast. Any idea what kind of bird he is?
I woke up to snow blanketing the greenish brown grass and floating softly from the clouds! Just beautiful!

After a fabulous breakfast of waffles, strawberries, and tea we went outside to play. Here are some pictures of our snowy Easter adventures!

Mike making an arm for the Easter bunny.

Me adding his buttons.

Here we are with our first creation.

Mike shoveling the drive while it snows heavy wet flakes.

Our second bunny. Bunicula!

He was too "scary" for Easter so we modified him.

HAPPY EASTER from the both of us!