Friday, March 21, 2008


Winter is finally over (in that we are past the Spring equinox) and I am finally posting something. :) Winter has been a ton of fun and we have experienced many new adventures to include settling in our new home. The highlights:

In December we went on our first x-country ski outing at Mueller State Park just over the mountains from us. We had a great time with rental skis and fresh powder. We went home for Christmas and enjoyed our families.

In January we went on our first downhill skiing trip of the season. We stayed with Ben and Michelle at the house of a friend of Michelle's. The house was a beautiful old Victorian! I love the house! An ice sculpture show was going on the same weekend we were there. The sculptures were amazing. A great time was had by all.

In February we took another trip to Breckenridge for some downhill skiing with Ben and Michelle. I am getting better at downhill skiing because I am not as afraid. I dont think I will advance past blue runs but I am okay with that. I dont have any desire to be that "good"/ fast/ crazy.

In March we went to Rocky Mountain National Park to ski but there was not enough snow at the east entrance. We had a great time just hiking around. We also went to Colorado State Forest State Park home to about 600 moose. We rented a cabin in the park for a long weekend and x country skied through wide open fields and up the side of a mountain. We went by several yurts during our adventuring. Next time we go to visit the park we will rent a yurt. In the winter they are skied into and in the summer they are hiked into. Either way they are in the middle of the forest and would be a ton of fun!

That is all for now. This weekend we are having Ben and Michelle over for Easter brunch. I am looking forward to that. I hope you all are happy, health and having a wonderful life!