Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 D ultrasound pictures at 28.5 weeks

Today the little one is 29 weeks old.  In about 10 weeks give or take a week or so this itty bitty will be putting to use all the great skills he/she is currently practicing.  Cant wait to be snuggling the little one instead of this laptop!
I am doing well.  Growing daily! I get tired more easily than normal but still haven't figured out how to slow down until my body tells me,  "It is time to rest NOW! "  Hopefully I can figure that out before too long.  The migraines have lessened but I still have a couple a week.  They are becoming more manageable. So that is good. 

Mike is doing very well.  We are both ready for spring even if the occasional snow fall is pretty and fun to watch!  It seems Colorado Springs is all about the spring snow.  Though snow coming after mid 60 degree weather is a bit difficult.  :) 

Well here are the pictures you actually came for:

"I have had enough of you people messing with me!  I want to nap!  Leave me alone!"

Hope you all enjoyed!
Take care all!  Be happy!
Love you!

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sassyshell said...

How exciting! What a great little smile s/he has! Can't wait to meet your little bundle, s/he will be here so soon! :)